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SUBMIT! You wanna be on TOP? You wanna be published in a NATIONALLY recognized and award winning arts and literary magazine? You wanna make your peers jealous? You wanna have real bragging rights? You wann have something awesome to put on your resume? You wanna be part of a badass collective of amazing SCAD artists? THEN SUBMIT TO DISTRICT QUARTERLY!

Who are you? What’s your style? Who do you emulate? Are you so original that no one has seen a style like yours? Do you have influences from all around? Show us who you are. Show us what kind of mark your work can make.

The next theme for District Quarterly is style. We challenge you to show us how you present yourself to the world. Show us your style. Submit your work to

The deadline is November 27 at midnight.


Visual: 300 dpi

Written: 1,700 words

Multimedia: under 15 minutes

Remember, you must be a registered SCAD student in order to submit!

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